Happiness Felicità 

“Happy ” – oil on paper 33x48cm 220gr Fabriano paper

I feel so happy in my life that I ‘m able to Create and connected with colors to my Soul and the Divine!

 As woman artist  I use creativity as a special key for the happiness in my life!! 

This painting is like a touch of a mirror of myself  …an abstract self-portrait ..the rainbow is inside my heart !!!


Ho sempre cominciato ad interpretare le mie sensazioni con il colore…in tutti i miei lavori per poi trovare il messaggio la figura… Questo è un  Astratto senza forma con l’energia che sento dentro
“Enjoy Serie n. 1 “ –  pastels 15×15


I always began to interpret my feelings with color … in all my work and then find the message the figure … This is an Abstract formless with the energy that I feel inside
“Enjoy Series n. 1” – pastels 15×15